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Aging In Place

From Wikipedia the following statement:

In United States

According to the United States Census, there will be a spike in the age 60+ population from 43,043,000 in 2005 to 73,769,000 in 2020, an increase of 71 percent.


Lets face it. It just makes sense for people to remain in their home as long as possible.  If you do even a little bit of research you'll find examples, case studies and tons of supporting information and personal stories why "Aging in Place" is the best choice for the persons mental and physical health whether that person is elderly or disabled. 

It also makes financial sense to stay in your home as long as possible instead of a care facility which can quickly drain anyone's life savings. 

With that said and everyone in mutual agreement that "Aging in Place" is the best option then why do we mention it here in our website?

We mention it because our business has seen three generations and we have first hand experience, personal experience with both options people have as they get older and when they're disabled.  We address the issue because we want to help people live a long and comfortable happy life.

So what can we do to help you or someone you know who wants to age in place?  Well, as you may figure out by browsing through our website we not only have the construction experience to build anything you can imagine but we also have the true credentials required to design and build accessible construction whether that may be a remodel or completely new building.

As International Code Council (ICC) members and certifiedAging in Place remodeling & code expert building inspectors we understand every aspect of building safety, accessible designs and requirements.  No other program or certification encompasses building safety and accessibility requirements better than being an ICC certified building inspector and we have seven (7) licenses.  ICC certification is standard and the same requirement for all city and state building inspection and planning officials.

So when you are ready to discuss your options for aging in place and how to go about the process be sure to call an aging in place expert by calling us.  Below are some of the services we will provide to make sure your transition meets your needs:

  • Perform an assessment to identify and prioritize the needs and desires of the Aging in Place customer
  • Represent the customer as "Owner's Representative" throughout the entire project which includes but is not limited too:
    • contract negotiation
    • contractor selection
    • monitor and approve/disapprove all payments
    • review and recommend designs
    • recommend technology and products
    • verify contractor licensing and insurance
    • verify permits
    • and make sure the project is completed on time and within budget

The bottom line is this; we are here to help you by taking the entire burden of managing the project off your shoulders, ensuring the project is built correctly while getting the best products, technology, materials and labor at the best price.

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