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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is changing. Instead of us posting commonly asked questions we want to start this as a blog for your questions and answers. Please send us your questions to start and we will format this into a community blog.

Question: Hi, I'm wondering or should I say, considering doing a kitchen remodel.  The floor from the kitchen leads to an open family room and is on the upper level of the home.  Currently the floor is hardwood and where the kitchen meets the family room at the island counter the kitchen portion of the floor rises about 3/4 of an inch.  I want to replace all of the kitchen cabinets, countertops and fixtures and I plan to replace the floor.  Money isn't the issue since I have budgeted for everything but should I do the floor before or after the cabinets?  And, can you give me an idea of how much you think this project would cost and how long it would normally take?

Answer: Whoa... those are some loaded questions.  First, regarding the height difference between the kitchen and the family room it sounds like whoever laid the current hardwood floor did it the lazy way.  From our phone conversation I found out that the family room had previously been carpeted and the kitchen tiled.  It appears the floor installer laid the hardwood on top of the tile which caused the increased floor height and mismatch at the transition.  My recommendation is to completely remove all layers of flooring before installing your cabinets and install the new floor.  When your kitchen cabinets are removed completely it will be a wide-open easy access area for your floor installer to lay the new floor.

Yeah, you'll be paying for the extra flooring material under the cabinets but from the photo you sent me some of your cabinets opened completely to the floor such as your trash can area.  In that case you'd be better off with a completely finished floor, plus any changes later won't require you to add flooring where you might be missing it otherwise.  Also, its pretty cheap and fast for an expert flooring installer to lay the hardwood floor when the cabinets are removed.  The money you save by not requiring the installer to custom fit around your cabinets is worth it, trust me.

Regarding price - well that really depends on many variables but I just quoted a similar job for a client which included all new hardwood floors, custom cabinets with beveled glass doors, new sink and plumbing fixtures and custom granite (color matched) countertops and it came in at just under $75k.  We quoted 2-3 weeks to complete the project.

Question: As the Owner of a new commercial construction project why should I hire an outside company like you to provide building code inspection services instead of just waiting to see what the local City Inspector says?

Answer: Have you ever completed a project without a single error or problem that wasn't caught by the City Inspector? Probably not.  Every time your contractor performs work you pay for the time and materials somehow.  And every time an Inspector comes out to inspect the work after it was completed (I don't know of any Inspectors that show up and tell Contractors ahead of time how to do their job) and leaves you with a correction notice or worse a RED TAG, your project is now looking at a delay, added expense to correct the problem and an Inspector that now knows your Contractor either doesn't know what they're doing or they're trying to cut corners.  Regardless, you just lost time and money.

We work with your Architect and your Contractors throughout the process to identify Code issues and inspect progress during construction and prior to calling for formal Inspection.  We catch errors before they become costly errors and before they delay or stop your project.

We also represent you and your Contractors during formal City Inspections to ensure all inspections are performed without misinterpretation of the Building Codes.

Bottom line, how much is it worth to you to eliminate errors and complete your project on time?