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Construction Photography


Construction Photography with Value!

Ahh, nothing like the smell of freshly hung concrete in the morning.

Tilt-ups are a great way to go for a quick ground-up project with exterior details built right in the walls. Low maintenance, solid, energy efficient designs are making this even more popular these days.


What is Construction Photography?

Most people think of cute photos of their project or perfectly set-up photos of the finished product to showcase a developer or contractor's work. For some its photos taken by construction personnel that provide a generic view without concern for precision or details. That is not what we do.

We provide professional Digital Imaging Documentation Inspection Technology - "DIDit"

Let our professionals create visual documentation of your entire project.
Here are some of the services we provide along with some reasons to have us perform this service for you:

  • Hi-Resolution Digital Image Documentation (stills and video)

  • Visual Documentation of each phase of construction.

  • Visual evidence of everything that's done correct to code.

  • Visual reference for use later in the buildings life cycle before any repairs are made or to locate where everything actually is behind the walls, ceilings, floors, etc in conjunction with original plans.

  • Visual identification of possible errors which can be readily remedied to prevent future delays and to decrease job costs and maintain profits.

  • Phase by phase, weekly, or create your own project photo schedule.
    All Field Photographers are ICC Certified Building Inspectors and can perform project inspections as they photograph the project.

  • Professional Project Presentations can be created just for you.

  • Images are catalogued and a photo database is created for easy email, distribution and/or sheet by sheet, section by section, trade by trade, phase by phase identification.

  • Protect yourself against false or wrongful lawsuits with visual evidence of the complete project with the ability to show craftsmanship, jobsite cleanliness, safety compliance, building code compliance, materials and components used and more.

  • Impress your clients with a complete step by step, visual record, documenting the entire process of building their project.

  • Utilize your favorite shots for future Marketing Plans and Portfolio Examples.

  • Other ancillary services include posters, displays, construction site signage, and more.

We were photographically trained decades ago taking photographs for technical publications and training manuals. Those images had to be precise. They also needed to allow the viewer to easily identify the components of each electrical or mechanical assembly photographed.

Today we have combined multiple trade disciplines to create our unequaled services.  There are many methods and styles of photography but when you need photographic images to tell the story and to accurately document technical properties of any project then there is only one Company in the Industry who can provide that precision. And lucky you, you're at their website right now.

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